VIDEO: Car Advice reviews the Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI

With the Q2, Audi has been trying to attract a new audience, mainly younger millennials who value style, practicality and technology over size, performance and luxury. For the most part, the Audi Q2 nails that target audience’s needs. It’s small but actually features a decent amount of space and a nice trunk. It’s also stylish and good looking, allowing a younger audience to be attracted to it. It also brings about quite a bit of as-standard technology, enough to appease the smartphone-obsessed crowd. But is it any good to drive?

In this new video from Car Advice, we see exactly what the Audi Q2 is like to drive in its normal habitat — urban and suburban neighborhoods. The Audi Q2 was never designed to be a highway cruiser or a back canyon carver and that’s evident in the way it drives. While its ride is comfortable over most pavement, really sharp bumps and potholes can send shockwaves through the chassis. The Q2’s steering is very sharp and fast, with light but not too light steering, that makes it easy to navigate tight corners, city streets and parking garages with ease. You can tell this is meant for urban living. Yes, the steering is numb, but so is the steering on every car in the segment and typical of modern cars, to be honest.

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While the Audi Q2 is great for nippy city driving, it won’t be winning any performance competitions any time soon. The car tested in this video is a front-wheel drive 1.4 TFSI model, that packs 148 hp and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The dual-clutch transmission can make the most out of the engine’s power, with its snappy shifts, but it’s still quite slow. Its 0-60 mph sprint is said to take about 8.4 seconds, or slower than a BMW i3 electric hatchback.

Overall, though, the Q2 really nails its intended objective. It was designed to bring a younger audience to the brand and get buyers into the Audi brand early, allowing them to move up to bigger and more luxurious vehicles as they get older and make more money. So, as a sharp, stylish and practical little crossover, the Audi Q2 is near perfect for the millennial buyer.

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