VIDEO: Can the Audi S3 Sedan take on the Mercedes-AMG CLA45

We recently just spoke about the Audi S3 and how it needs to worry about the Hyundai Veloster N. While that’s still true, the Veloster is more of an odd-ball competitor, something that isn’t typically compared to the S3. But what about a car that is a traditional competitor? How does the S3 take on the all-new Mercedes-AMG CLA35? Carwow finds out in this new video.


Both cars are quite similar, actually. They’re both small, front-wheel drive-based sedans with all-wheel drive, turbocharged 2.0 liter four-cylinder engines and dual-clutch gearboxes. Both have around the same power, (306 bhp for the AMG and 300 bhp for the Audi S3) so both should have about the same performance. And, go figure, they do.

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The Audi S3 actually ends up being a bit quicker to 60 mph, doing the sprint in 4.3 seconds, compared to the much newer AMG’s 4.6 seconds. That’s really impressive and Carwow’s Mat Watson is impressed by the Audi’s hard launch.


But which car is actually better to drive? Well, Watson doesn’t actually pick a winner in this video. Instead, you have to check out Carwow’s website to find out. However, he does do a deep dive into each car, how they are to drive, how practical they are and how comfortable they are. He also almost drowns on Coca-Cola while riding shotgun in the Audi S3, so he’s sacrificed a lot for the results of this comparison…

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In terms of how much fun they are to drive, the Mercedes-AMG CLA35 received a pretty nice sized smiley face, while the Audi S3 only got a sort of “meh” face. The S3 has never been the sharpest car in the segment and that shows again here. Still, there’s a lot to like about it, including its performance, its seats and its looks. So which one actually wins? Check out Carwow to find out.

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