Video: Auto Trader Used Car Hero – Audi A2

Auto Trader UK tests an oldie but goodie, in their latest Used Car Hero video, the Audi A2. The A2, completely unknown in the US market, was somewhat a cult hero in the European market for its quirky fun driving dynamics, strange looks and excellent fuel economy. But as it’s quite unknown to Americans, let’s take a look at what make the strange little Audi A2 so popular.

What looked like a cross between the Pontiac Aztek and the Toyota Prius, the A2 was Audi’s attempt to make a small, fuel efficient hatchback during a time when fuel prices started getting out of hand. The Audi A2 debuted in 2000 and was Audi’s entry-level car at the time. But in its segment, it had unmatched performance and fuel economy, the latter being unmatched even by some of today’s econoboxes. The Audi A2 was able to achieve around 90 mpg on the European cycle. That’s unheard of, even today.

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Audi A2
Audi A2

It wasn’t fast though, when getting that kind of mileage, as that engine only had 74 hp and had a top speed of 107 mph. That isn’t exactly a good recipe for fun, but the Audi A2 actually was fun. It was so light, thanks to its aluminum construction, that it felt very tossable and party. This made it fun to drive, despite its lack of power and straight line performance.

The A2 was also practical, having a ton of interior space and cargo space, thanks to its high roofline and boxy design. The interior was also of the highest quality in the segment and really set the bar for small cars. It was also unheard of to get a car in its price range with a leather steering wheel as standard.

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The Audi A2 was a strange, quirky little car with excellent fuel economy, fun driving dynamics, solid practicality and a comfortable interior. It was never great looking, but it was a very good little car and one worth looking at on the used market.

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