VIDEO: Auditography gives the Audi RS6 Performance Akrapovic a fitting send-off

This new generation of Audi A6 has yet to get an Audi Sport ‘RS’ variant. So the current Audi RS6 is still the old RS6, based on the last generation of A6. Despite being old, the current Audi RS6 Avant is an astonishing car. In ‘Performance’ guise, it makes 605 hp from its 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 and is still one of the fastest wagons on the planet. When it’s fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust that’s been developed by both Akrapovic and Audi, it sounds flipping glorious. But this wonderful RS6, a car that’s been beloved by almost all car enthusiasts for years, will soon be gone, replaced by a newer model. So to give it a proper send-off, Auditography made this fantastic farewell video.

In this video, we get to see some stunning shots of both the Audi RS6 Performance Akrapovic and the gorgeous scenery behind it. They took it to the Alps for this video and it’s the perfect spot. Twisty roads, long straight and simply stunning views all combine to make the Alps the perfect place to say goodbye to one of the best performance machines of the past decade. Also, the video allows us to hear its sensational V8/Akrapovic exhaust combo and it’s lovely.

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It’s a fitting send-off, this video. It’s dramatic and exciting, just like the Audi RS6 Avant. Since its debut, it’s been one of the premier performance machines on the planet. For years, there wasn’t a car in the world that could offer its level of speed combined with its level of comfort, practicality and all-weather usability. The only other uber-fast wagon was the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate but it was only rear-wheel drive at the time and the Audi RS6 has its famous Quattro. Only this past year has the competition caught up, with a new AMG E63 having all-wheel drive and the new BMW M5 also having all-wheel drive.

Both of those new competitors are objectively better than the RS6. They’re faster, more comfortable, they handle better and they have way more interior technology and luxury (although, there’s no wagon M5). However, they’re also much newer. So it’s time for the current Audi RS6 to ride off into the sunset and let its replacement assume the mantle.

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