VIDEO: Audi’s new ad shows man leave witness protection for Audi Q5

During the Super Bowl, Audi made big waves with its Drive Progress commercial that featured a father worrying that his daughter wouldn’t receive equal treatment in life for being female. The commercial was based on the wage gap between men and women in America. It received both praise and malign by both supporters and critics. This time, Audi is now back with a much lighter ad, something that makes us smile and throws a jab at Lexus.

In Audi’s new ad, called “The Decision”, a man is being briefed on the status of his witness protection after having testified against criminals. The police are explaining the details of his witness protection, in that he will have to go by a new name, live in a new house and drive a perfectly conspicuous car, something that will help him blend in. The car they show him is a picture of a Lexus NX as his new car.

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We then see him driving his all-new Audi Q5. It cuts back to his conversation with the feds and he declines their offer, simply saying “I’ll take my chances.” It then cuts back to him driving his new Q5 and text reads “Progress is never blending in”.

It’s a much lighter commercial than the one during the Super Bowl and it’s funny that it takes a direct jab at the Lexus NX. I like that it has a bit of teeth but is still pretty funny. The idea that he’d rather be in danger of criminals so long as he can drive his Audi Q5 than be completely safe and drive a Lexus NX is funny.

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