Video – Audi UK details virtual cockpit inside the new A4

Audi’s UK division has released yet a new promotional clip for the A4 (B9) premium compact sedan, this time with the optional virtual cockpit available for an extra 450 GBP. It’s not the first time we get to see the fancy 12.3-inch fully digital instrument cluster being demonstrated in an official clip as the company’s German division also showed us a similar video just over a month ago. That cool screen looks so sweet thanks to its 1,440 x 540-pixel resolution and runs at 60 frames per seconds so the transition should be very smooth.

If the screen seems familiar, that’s because it has been available for the TT, R8 and Q7 for quite some time and it will soon be implemented in other models as the A3 facelift coming out next year will also be offered with the optional Virtual Cockpit.

This digital screen represents only a fraction of the tech goodies you can get on your brand new A4 as Audi offers a plethora of kit, including those sweet yet pricey matrix LED headlights which provide stellar illumination during night driving and also boast dynamic turn signals with diodes that are activated in a sequential manner from inside and out in the turn of the direction.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.