Video: Audi TTS driver closely escapes crash on Autobahn

When driving on the Autobahn, especially the unrestricted parts, there’s a certain respect that drivers are supposed to have for each other. This is why the left lane is used for passing and while a car is in that lane moving faster than you are, you’re supposed to either move out of their way or simply not get in their way. This respect for other motorists is one of the reasons that makes triple digit speeds relatively safe on the Autobahn. However, some people either just aren’t aware of these rules or don’t care, as made obvious by this video.

In this video, a driver has a dash cam mounted on the rear window of their vehicle and is moving at a decent rate of speed in the second lane from the left. Far in the rearview, a fast approaching brand-new Audi TTS in the left lane. According to the rules of the Autobahn, the Audi TTS has the right to that lane and other motorists should stay out of its way. Well, it seems as if our dash cam-using friend didn’t get the memo and decides to change lanes directly in front of the TTS.

Audi TTS by ABT Sportsline

It seems as if the TTS is doomed and its¬†driver will soon be in the front seat of our dash cam-buddy’s car. However, it makes a last-second lane change out of the way and avoids danger by what seems like an inch. These kinds of mistakes by drivers will cost lives at that rate of speed. Which is why people of the Autobahn must respect the unwritten rules of the fast drivers.

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