VIDEO: Audi TT RS with EGO X Exhaust and Intake

The Audi TT RS may have quite possibly the best sounding engine under eight cylinders on the market. Its 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine makes the most delicious of engine noises. Its odd five-cylinder firing order gives it the craziest sounding growl. It’s simply maniacal. It’s fantastic. So when a tuning company decides to put a new exhaust on it, we raise our eyebrow in skepticism. That’s exactly what we have here in this new video from AutoTopNL.

In this video, the Audi TT RS is question has an EGO X exhaust and intake equipped. So does it sound any better? Well, to be honest, it actually doesn’t sound that much different. Though, that’s a good thing. You don’t want to change the TT RS’ exhaust note much, as it’s already near perfect. EGO exhaust just makes it a more louder and a bit more exciting. It doesn’t sound too artificial, though, like many modern exhausts for small turbocharged engines. Typically, aftermarket exhausts sound too boomy nowadays. This sounds properly growly.

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I like that it also has a lot of intake noise, which is usually missing on turbocharged cars. There’s also a really great turbo flutter noise coming from under the hood, which sounds mechanical and exciting. It’s good stuff.

What’s also nice is, as the revs and speeds rise, it doesn’t start to drone. Most modern aftermarket exhausts nowadays start to drone and get annoying at the top end. This, though, gets better as the revs climb higher. Its pitch gets higher and it growls more but it always sounds mechanical. You can hear the engine working hard and that’s exactly what you want. It sounds very good.

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Personally, I wouldn’t recommend changing the exhaust on the Audi TT RS (or its RS3 Sedan sibling) because it already sounds so good. But if you’re going to change it, this EGO X exhaust would be one of my recommendations.

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