Video: Audi TT – Not for the faint-of-foot

Audi Canada has just released a new promotional video for the new Audi TT, TTS and TT Roadster, called “Not for the faint-of-foot”. This idea of this video is to demonstrate how the new Audi TT is a proper sports car and is more aggressive than ever. However, it’s a bit cheesy and brings back memories of the old ’80s Saab commercials in which Saabs are compared to fighter jets and the like. Its cheesy in such a way that it’s nostalgic.

The video starts off by showing some sort of meteor headed towards Earth. As it breaks through the atmosphere, it’s realized that the meteor is in fact, an Audi TT. The TT then lands on a downward sloping ramp and onto the road, where it attacks twisty curves with verve and enthusiasm. If you’re reading this thinking the writing is corny, that’s because it is. The video is corny, so I don;t have much to work with here.

TTR150065_largeHowever, it does work in a sense that it gets us excited about the Audi TT. Just like the Saab commercials before it, this video makes you want to drive the new TT even if it’s just because you’re laughing at the advertisement. It’s fun to see Audi having some silly fun with this ad and I hope it continues. Check it out.

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