VIDEO: Audi Think Faster Episodes 1 & 2 — Adam Scott, Elizabeth Banks in Audi TT RS

Audi has teamed up with Reddit to create a new show, called Think Faster. The idea is to make celebrities do a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), where they have to answer questions from redditors, while being driven in an Audi TT RS around Willow Springs racetrack as fast as possible. It’s interesting to see celebrities that have never been in a car going as fast as the TT RS around a track, while trying to answer questions. The first two celebrities to do a Think Faster are Adam Scott (Parks & Recreation) and Elizabeth Banks (40 Year Old Virgin, The Lego Movie).

The idea is actually really fun and has the potential to be really quite funny. Watching people who have never driven quickly before get tossed around at 100 mph is really entertaining. But I have a few suggestions. First, they keep calling it a race car in this video but the TT RS isn’t a race car. It’s a road car, with leather seats and air conditioning. Second, the driver drives to perfectly, clipping apexes and probably getting good lap times. If you really want to make celebrities scream, try sliding the car around a bit. Not the whole time, obviously, as they would never be able to answer questions. But throw a drift or two in there. Anyway, it’s still fun to watch.

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First up is Scott, who has never even been to a race track, never mind been on one or in a car. So he seems a bit apprehensive to get in. He does anyway, like a good sport, and sets off. As host Sal Masekela acts as the internet, asking Scott the Reddit questions. He seems to actually like the ride, claiming it to be awesome numerous times. It’s funny how his grip on the door pull keeps rolling the window down, showing how nervous he is. One of his questions is how Rob Lowe smells, to which he responds with “heaven”, but it leads him to say Rob Lowe would love this. Maybe he should be the next guest?

The second episode features Elizabeth Banks, who seems nervous but also sort of excited about the ride. She’s certainly a bit more enthusiastic than Scott. Once the driving starts, she’s also far more animated. Her emotions in the car seem to be a mix between fear and fun and it’s funny to watch. Banks is genuinely funny in the car and is the more entertaining of the two. She also answers more questions.

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This is a funny idea and has a lot of potential. If Audi keeps doing this, we’d recommend a different car (Audi R8) and we’d also recommend doing some skids and being a bit more exciting. Still, though, we hope Audi does more of these.

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