VIDEO: Audi Talks Design and Mobility at the 2021 IAA

The 2021 was all about the future of mobility. Automakers flexed their electric and autonomous muscles, showing off their best ideas for the future of the automobile. One such automaker was Audi, which debuted the Grand Sphere Concept, luxury electric four-seater with full-autonomous capability. During a few presentations, various execs from Audi discussed some of the future tech in the Grand Sphere and showed off how it worked.


Audi took a bold approach with the Grand Sphere. Rather than just making a big A8 replacement with some snazzy tech and electric motors, it took a more luxurious, more relaxed, and more spacious approach. For instance, the Audi Grand Sphere lacks any sort of screens inside, eschewing traditional tech for more shy technology — tech that you don’t always see. Rather than screens, driver and infotainment displays are projected onto the massive, sweeping dashboard. When the displays aren’t being used, the projections turn off, leaving a clean, elegant, and sophisticated looked dash.

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In this new video, we get to see how a lot of that tech works. When the door opens, the Audi Grand Sphere offers an expansive interior, one that is said to provide a “First Class Traveling” experience. It looks like it does, with vast interior space, incredibly comfortable looking seats. The video also shows off the slick dashboard, which looks lovely without any screens. It’s so much easier on the eyes without a bunch of screens dominating the view. It’s relaxing. The plant is a nice touch, too.


With the Audi Grand Sphere, Audi said it wanted to change the way it approached luxury cars. It didn’t want to just make a new Audi A8. It looks like Audi’s done just that. The Grand Sphere provides a different manner of luxury; one that’s more relaxed, less focused on technology, and more focused on making sure its passengers are more refreshed at the end of the journey than when they left.

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