VIDEO: Audi SQ7 TDI overview and technical demo

We just spoke about the Audi SQ7 TDI, Audi’s latest entry into the performance SUV segment, and how it’s far more powerful and capable than any SUV has the right to be. We also spoke a bit about how its EPC (Electrically Powered Compressor), which is essentially just an electric turbocharger, works, as well as its Active anti-roll bars and 48-volt power system. However, a lot of the SQ7’s technology is hard to explain on paper, so here is a cool video that demonstrates some of the Audi SQ7’s tech.

The video starts off with some cool clips of the SQ7 TDI in motion, as well as some shots of the cabin and it looks great. The interior looks fantastic, in traditional Audi fashion. The fit and finish is great, as is the overall design. But after some preliminary shots of the SQ7, we get to take a look at a technical demo from Audi.

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4.0 litre V8 TDI Biturbo engine electric powered compressor (EPC)
4.0 litre V8 TDI Biturbo engine electric powered compressor (EPC)

That demonstration is a visual walkthrough of some of the Audi SQ7 TDI’s technology, including the EPC, Active anti-roll bars, 48-volt power system and the engine’s cooling system. If you’re a tech nerd like I am, the video is really cool and shows off how the system works and just how impressive all of the technology is. It’s genuinely remarkable what Audi was able to do with this engine and this SUV and this video really shows that off.

After all the technical stuff, we get more video of the SQ7 in motion, including some exhaust clips. It’s impressive to see just how flat the big Audi corners, with minimal body roll and what seems like excellent composure. It’s also quite fast out of corners, thanks to all of that power and astonishing Quattro all-wheel drive grip.

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electro-mechanical active roll stabilization (eAWS)
electro-mechanical active roll stabilization (eAWS)

Overall, this is just a cool video to geek out over if you’re interested in the Audi SQ7 TDI. It has some cool shots of the car in motion, as well as a pretty cool technical demo that really helps you learn about all of the impressive tech that the SQ7 has to offer. If you’re into nerdy tech stuff like we are, this video is a must watch.

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