VIDEO: Audi Sport Quattro featured on Petrolicious

André Lotterer is a professional race car driver, having raced in both FIA LMP1 and Formula E, and his father is responsible for his passion for both cars and racing. André’s father, Henry, used to rally race Audi Quattro back in the ’80s, so André grew up around them, giving him a passion for the car and the brand. Which is why his daily driver is a modified 1984 Audi Sport Quattro and it’s, to quote André, “sex on wheels”.

This new video from Petrolicious lets us check out his Audi Sport Quattro and he talks about it, his passion for racing and why he chose the car. We also get to see him drive it through some stunning mountain roads and it’s genuinely jealousy-inducing.

His Audi Sport Quattro is basically perfect. Not that it’s a garage queen, though, as it’s the exact opposite. It’s perfect because it’s spec’d to be driven and driven hard. Which is exactly what André  does.

It’s red, as all Audi Quattros should be, with Sabelt sport seats and four-point racing harnesses. It’s also lowered a bit on Group B rally wheels and chunky tires. Its looks are perfection. His is also quite unique as it’s a lot more powerful than the standard Sport Quattro road car. The stock car made 200 hp but his makes 450 hp. Big difference. His also ditched the stock exhaust for a straight pipe, for a rawer, purer, angrier noise and it lets all of that glorious 2.2 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine noise out.

Driving an Audi Sport Quattro through mountain roads like the ones seen in this video is the stuff of dreams. Sport Quattros are getting quite expensive now, with nice examples costing well over $50,000, with some really pristine models cresting six-figures. Though, if you have the means and live in an area with roads like these, buy one.

Nico DeMattia

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