VIDEO: Audi S7 vs Tesla Model S 90D

The Audi S7 is one of our favorite cars to currently come from Ingolstadt, as it packs a glorious V8 engine, dynamite looks and fantastic luxury. Hell, it even has a practical hatchback-style trunk. It’s a total package that’s near impossible to beat. But newcomer Tesla and its fancy electric Model S 90D is poised to take a shot at the Audi S7. In this latest episode of Roadshow Shootout, they get these two cars together to see which is best.

First up is the S7 and right off the bat it’s the better looking car of the two. The Model S is a good looking car, but there isn’t much else on the road that looks better than an Audi S7. It’s also more powerful, thanks to its 450 hp 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8. The V8 in the S7 is a thing of joy, as it’s buttery smooth, monstrously powerful and makes a fantastic noise. The cabin is also the better built as has better materials than in the Model S’.

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Audi RS7
Audi RS7

However, the Tesla does pack its own firepower for this fight. The Model S 90D comes with two electric motors, one at each axle, that combine to make 417, less than the S7. But it comes with more torque, at 485 lb-ft, and that torque is available at zero rpm, thanks to its electric drivetrain. It also packs the largest infotainment screen in the business and some seriously impressive Autopilot technology.

So which car is deemed to be better? Well the guys at Roadshow put the two cars through three test and the best two out of three wins.

First came a circuit course, to see which car handled and drove the best. This is clearly the Audi S7’s territory, as it’s been designed to drive fast and handle extremely well. Being that the track is somewhere the S7 is extremely comfortable with, it’s the car that wins this test. It’s handling is sharper and more predictable, its torque-vectoring Quattro all-wheel drive is superior in pulling the car out of corners and it’s ultimately faster around the track. It’s just the better driver’s car. The Model S is better than expected, but it is a bit sloppier and its all-wheel drive system can’t help it through corners like Audi’s Quattro.

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

Next came a road driving test, to see how these two stack up in the real world. The Model S was deemed the winner here, as its cabin is far quieter, more high tech and it has impressive autonomous driving aids. The Audi S7 was good on the road, very good in fact, but its tech is getting a bit old on the inside and its larger, harder wheels and tires made the ride a but stiffer and noisier.

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Last came a simple drag race to see which is the faster car in a straight line. Now we’ve all seen videos of the Tesla Model S P90D use its “Ludicrous Mode” to melt faces with its 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds. However, this is not that Model S, as this is just the standard 90D. So when the two take off, the Audi S7’s Launch Control helps it fire off the line without any wheelspin and it takes a lead it never relinquishes, winning the race by quite a bit.

So being that the Audi S7 won two out of three and was deemed the more fun car to drive, it wins the test. The Tesla Model S is a very good car and one that anyone would be happy to own, but it doesn’t compare to the excitement and sex-appeal of the Audi S7.

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