VIDEO: Audi S5 drag races Mercedes-AMG C43 and Chevy Camaro SS

Audi has just recently taken the wrapping off of its new S5. The successor to the much loved first-generation Audi S5, this second car is set to be better, dynamically, in every single way. It’s more powerful (354 hp vs 333 hp), it’s lighter and more agile. According to Audi, the new S5 is capable of 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. But is that fast enough to take on competitors such as the Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe and Chevy Camaro SS?

In this new video from Auto Bild, they drag race each of the three aforementioned cars to see which is fastest through the quarter-mile.

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At first, the Audi S5 seems heavily outgunned. With just 354 hp from its turbocharged 3.0 liter V6, the Audi S5 is the least powerful car of the test. The Mercedes-AMG C43 makes a healthy 362 hp from its twin-turbocharged V6. However, it’s the Chevy Camaro SS that packs the most fire power, with a mighty 455 hp from its 6.2 liter naturally-aspirated V8. Oddly enough, the Camaro is also the cheapest car of the bunch.

Audi S5 Coupé

When the drag race starts, you’d expect the Audi to be left for dead. Well, credit Quattro all-wheel drive traction because the plucky S5 hangs in there, neck and neck, with the other two for quite awhile. But not long after that, the Camaro’s power advantage starts to kick in and it simply walks away from the other two cars. The Mercedes-AMG C43 ends up also passing the Audi S5 before the 1/4-mile marker, leaving it for third place.

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The two Germans are close to each other, in terms of 1/4-mile time, but the Camaro SS takes a sizable victory over the other two. The final times are 12.6 seconds for the Camaro, 12.84 for the Mercedes and 12.94 for the Audi S5. But it’s not all bad for the Audi S5, because it proved it could hang with the much more powerful Camaro SS, despite being done 101 hp and two cylinders. Plus, being able to run a 12.9 second 1/4-mile right out of the box is pretty impressive for a car that can also be comfortable and easy to drive. But we can’t wait to see what Audi has in store for the upcoming RS5.

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