Video: Audi S4 Trailer and more

We just recently learned of what the new Audi S4 has in store for us, and it looks fantastic. Now, Audi has given us a couple of videos of its latest go-fast A4 variant, the Audi S4.

In the trailer, we see the brand-new Audi S4 tackling twisty mountain roads and urban, city streets. We also see quick shots of athletes doing their thing in between watching the S4. It gives you the impression that the new Audi S4 is first and foremost an athlete. It’s not meant to coddle or comfort you. It’s meant to thrill and take on the world’s best roads with stunning athleticism.

The second video gives you a better look at the S4 in motion. Seeing a car move is much different from seeing it in pictures. Watching the way light hits it in different angles and seeing it from all angles can give you a different perspective. In this video, the S4 is seeing hitting the race track, which shows off its moves and you can even hear it exhaust. It also shows the S4 winding down hilly wooded roads and city streets. The video also shows off quite a bit of the interior as well as the Virtual Cockpit. As of right now, this video is the closest we will get to driving the Audi S4.

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Audi S4

Check the videos out and see the new Audi S4 in action.

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