VIDEO: Audi RS7 caught testing at the Nurburgring

There’s a lot of hubbub surrounding the upcoming second-gen Audi RS7. For starters, it could be the most powerful Audi ever made. Also, it could be the first ever Audi Sport model to be offered with two different powertrains. So, naturally, we’re very interested in it. Thankfully, we get to see a bit of a sneak peak from this new spy video by Automotive Mike.

In this new video, we get to see the Audi RS7 doing some hot laps around the famed Nurburgring. And there are a couple of things we can learn from it. First, we can tell that this is absolutely an RS7, despite the “A7 55 TFSI” badging on it. There are two things that give it away — its artillery-fire soundtrack and its massive dual exhausts. The former suggests a big, monstrous V8 and the latter is an Audi Sport staple. So even though it wears a plebeian A7 badge, this is indeed an Audi RS7.

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What else can we learn from this video? Well, it doesn’t seem to be a hybrid. That’s important because it’s rumored that the RS7 could be available with two different powertrains; a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 making around 650 hp and that same engine paired with a hybrid electric setup that would combine to make about 700 hp. While that’s still not out of the question, the car in this video is most certainly not a hybrid.

We know this because it doesn’t have any charge ports on it. It leans and heaves through corners a bit too much as well. While hybrids are typically heavier than their standard ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterparts, their center of gravity is often much lower, thanks to batteries being placed in the belly of the car. This car seems to roll a bit too much to be a hybrid. Which actually isn’t very encouraging. We know the RS7 is going to be heavy but, sheesh, it looks it.

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