VIDEO: Audi RS7 caught making a racket at the Nurburgring

We’ve known for some time that the next-gen Audi RS7 is coming and it could be the most powerful production Audi in history. With a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8, it’s likely to make upwards of 650 hp. However, another first for Audi, there could be two powertrains offered for the RS7 and the second one could be a hybrid making up to 700 hp. While we don’t have any confirmation on its powertrain(s), we do know that it’s going to be powerful and it’s going to be fast. According to this new spy video, it’s also going to be loud.

Seen here on some roads outside of the Nurburgring and then on the famous race track itself, the Audi RS7 shows off its camouflaged body and deep, rumbly V8. At low revs, it has a deep, muscular baritone but it rises in pitch as the revs climb, getting a bit racier. It sounds very good and we want to hear even more.

It’s not all bark and no bite, though. The Audi RS7 looks damn fast on the track. It explodes out of corners and seems to turn in sharply, with tons of grip. While it might not be as exciting as its competitors, the M5 and AMG GT 4-Door, to watch as they make massive tail-slides and produce tons of tire smoke, the RS7 should be every bit as fast. If not faster. With that much power and Audi’s signature levels of mechanical grip, we can see the RS7 becoming the fastest car in a very, very fast segment.

As far as looks, the Audi RS7 is about exactly as we thought it would be. It looks like a more aggressive A7 with bigger wheels, larger dual exhausts, an angrier face and lowered suspension. Still, it looks good and should be one of the lookers in the segment.

Its main competition will actually be the BMW M8 Gran Coupe but that’s yet to debut either. Both of those cars will be sleek, Bavarian, four door “coupes” with massive V8s and equally massive powertrains. We can’t wait for that showdown.

Nico DeMattia

I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet.