VIDEO: Audi RS6 Avant in Tactical Green Looks Killer

Potentially the best looking Audi since the first-gen R8 is the Audi e-tron GT. Its muscular hips, sharp creases, and four-door GT profile make it one of the best looking EVs ever. However, it also brought an interesting new color to Audi’s portfolio — Tactical Green. Since its release, we’ve yet to see such a green on any other Audi product. Until now, that is. This slightly tuned Audi RS6 Avant wears the same Tactical Green paint as its EV cousin and it looks killer.


In this new video from AutoTopNL, we get to see the Tactical Green RS6, get up close to it, listen to its exhaust and even see how fast it is. In addition to its green paint, this specific car also had its silencer and OPF filter removed, giving it an improved sound over the standard car. In Europe, exhaust particulate filters (OPF) completely muzzle the sound of the car from the factory. Removing it completely wakes the car’s exhaust up.

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Unfortunately, this car didn’t have its soft rev limiter tuned out, so it can only rev to just under 4,000 rpm at a stand still. Which means you can’t hear it rev out while it’s stationary. Fortunately, though, AutoTopNL was able to capture the noise while it was moving and it sounds great. Just goes to show how good the Audi RS6 Avant sounds without being hamstrung by OPF filters.


The Audi RS6 Avant looks good in funky colors and more owners should opt for such shades. Rather than the typical black, silver, and white, colors like this Tactical Green give it real character. Sure, some enthusiasts rightly point out that Tactical Green is similar to baby poop green and it’s hard to argue that. Yet, for some reason, it’s really endearing and I personally like it quite a bit. Even more interesting, I think it works better on the RS6 than it does on the e-tron GT, the car on which it debuted. Check it out below.

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