VIDEO: Audi RS6 Avant caught at the Nurburgring again

For some time now, we’ve known that the upcoming Audi RS6 Avant could be coming to the US market. It would mark the first return of the nameplate in America since the C5-generation RS6. Not only would it be the return of the RS6 to America but also the return of the Avant here as well. So it’s a very exciting car for American Audi enthusiasts. Adding momentum to the hype train is this new spy video from Motor1 of the Audi RS6 Avant lapping the Nurburgring.

It looks great in this new video, despite wearing quite a bit of camo. It’s low, wide, angry and mean looking. More importantly, it looks fast, as it simply explodes out of corners. Under the hood it will be packing a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 making over 600 hp. It’s rumored that it could make as much as 650 hp, which would obliterate any of its competitors’ figures.

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If that horsepower number is correct, that monster V8 will help the Audi RS6 Avant be the most powerful production car to ever come from Ingolstadt.

Even more important than the power? The noise. While all modern performance Audis are fast, they don’t all sound excellent. Admittedly, the Audi R8’s V10 is simply angelic and the RS3’s turbo five-pot sounds like a dragon with smoker’s cough. But aside from those two cars, there isn’t a ton of great sound coming from new fast Audis. This RS6 Avant, though, sounds quite good. It has a deep, burbly V8 noise that sounds muscular. It’s a bit muted thanks to its turbochargers but it sounds good enough and will only get better with aftermarket exhausts. Also remember, Europe has new noise-sucking emissions regulations, so it will sound even better in America.

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We don’t want to get our hopes too high for the Audi RS6 Avant in America because we don’t want to be let down if it doesn’t come here. After watching it hit the ‘Ring, though, it’s hard to not get seriously excited.

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