VIDEO: Audi RS5 vs BMW M3 xDrive vs Tesla Model 3

For decades, Audi has always had one massive advantage over BMW M3s, in terms of straight-line performance — all-wheel drive. Quattro all-wheel drive has given Audi an edge in drag races since its inception and it’s always been one of the biggest reasons customers buy Audis over other brands’ cars. However, now that other brands are starting to add all-wheel drive to cars that never previously had it, that advantage is waning. Specifically, the new BMW M3 xDrive is no longer a tire-smoking monster. Instead, much like the Audi RS5, it’s a high-powered grip machine.


In this new video from Carwow, Mat Watson tests the new BMW M3 xDrive up against an Audi RS5 and a Tesla Model 3 Performance, for good measure. The last time we saw the Audi RS5 take on the BMW M3 Competition, the RS5 smoked it in a drag race, simply because it gripped and launched while the M3 spun its rear tires. Now that it’s all-wheel drive, though, things might be different.

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Off the line, in a standing quarter-mile drag race, both the Tesla and the BMW launched harder than the Audi RS5 Sportback. To be fair, the RS5 was never going to win these races, considering how down on power it is, with just 444 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque, especially compared to the BMW’s 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft. The BMW M3 proved faster than even the usually-dominant Tesla, which is impressive.


During the rolling races, the Audi came dead last again when in automatic mode, leaving the transmissions to kick down on their own. However, when in manual mode, starting in third gear, the Audi beat the Tesla but still lost to the M3.

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The Audi RS5 is admittedly getting a bit long in the tooth, now. It was impressive when it beat the rear-wheel drive M3 but once the Bavarian received its own all-wheel drive system, the Audi was toast.


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