Video: Audi RS4 rollover crash at Willow Springs

Tracking sports cars is one of the most enjoyable things about owning one. Owning an impressive performance car, like an Audi RS4, isn’t all that exciting unless you can take it somewhere to push its limits safely. Safely being the car word. When you’re at the track, it’s imperative to take the utmost precautions. Just because you think you’re a good driver, that doesn’t mean you can go all Michael Schumacher out on the track. A race track is the safest place to push your car to its limits, but if you’re not careful, it can be extremely dangerous.

In this case, driver Tim Bucklin is a very experienced track driver. Which just goes to show that even experienced drivers can make mistakes. Piloting an Audi RS4 around Willow Springs race track in California, Bucklin loses control a bit and rolls the RS4 into the dirt several times. Thankfully, Bucklin escaped the crash without any serious injuries — a testament to how safe modern Audis are, as he rolled that thing at one hell of a speed (an undisclosed speed). To see what went wrong, Bucklin slows the video down to 50% speed, then 33% and finally 20%. He also describes what went wrong and why he lost control, ultimately flipping it.

He describes what he thinks happened in full length on his YouTube channel, but the abridged version is that he thinks he turned in too sharply on turn 9. The car tracked out, the two rear wheels went off the road which caused him to lose control, sending him off the road on the other side of the track. When this happened, the driver’s side front wheel dug into the dirt, causing the car to roll. Numerous times. At the rate of speed at which Bucklin was traveling, this seems incredibly terrifying. Yet he remained calm, didn’t make a sound and walked away with only minor injuries.

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Bucklin is extremely lucky, but understands what went wrong and is an experienced enough driver to know how to correct such things in the future. It’s good he posted this video with the explanation that he did, because it shows drivers new to the track something to watch out for and how to correct it if something like this were to happen. So learn from his mistakes and be careful out there.

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