VIDEO: Audi RS4 Avant vs BMW M3 Competition

Now that the new BMW M3 offers all-wheel drive, it’s closer in competition to the Audi RS4 Avant than ever before. There’s even going to be a wagon version of the new M3. However, neither the wagon nor the all-wheel drive version are available just yet. So we’ll have to wait a bit longer for a true, apples-to-apples comparison test. Until then, though, how do these two sporty four (or five) door cars compare? Carwow finds out.

In this new video, we see the Audi RS4 Avant take on the BMW M3 Competition. The former is a five-door wagon, while the latter is a four-door sedan. Both cars have similar engines; 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 for the Audi and a 3.0 liter twin-turbo I6 for the BMW. However, the latter is more powerful, with 503 horsepower (510 PS), compared to the Audi’s 444 horsepower (450 PS). Both cars have eight-speed ZF automatic gearboxes but the Audi RS4 Avant is all-wheel drive, while the BMW M3 is rear-wheel drive.

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So which car is better? They’re shockingly different cars on the road. The RS4 is quicker to 60 mph, doing it in 3.4 seconds, with the BMW taking 3.6 seconds. Though, the Bimmer is faster through the quarter-mile, running a very fast 11.6 seconds, compared to the Audi’s 11.7 seconds.

The Audi RS4 Avant is also more comfortable, calmer, and easier to get along with every day. While the BMW M3 is sharper, more engaging, and has more of a sense of occasion. Still, the RS4 is fun to drive quickly and the M3 is comfortable enough to drive everyday. But they both have their different strengths. But which is best?

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According to Mat Watson, the BMW M3 is the better car. The Audi RS4 Avant is a great car but its athleticism and excitement fade into the background too easily and it’s less exciting to drive. If you’re spending as much money as these two cars cost, you’re going to want something exciting and the BMW is just better for that.

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