VIDEO: Audi RS4 Avant vs Audi RS3 — Carwow Drag Race

Both the Audi RS4 Avant and the Audi RS3 Sedan are very quick cars. While Audi claims that they can both get from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds, they’re both actually quicker than that in the real world. But we know both cars are fast. The important question is, which one is faster? That’s what Carwow decided to find out in this new drag race video.

The Audi RS4 Avant sports a 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 that makes 450 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. While the Audi RS3 Sedan uses a 2.5 liter turbocharged inline-five and makes 400 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. The RS4 gets an eight-speed automatic and the RS3 uses a seven-speed dual-clutch. Both cars have Quattro all-wheel drive grip. So which one is faster in a standing quarter-mile?

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Well, it’s the Audi RS4 Avant but only by a tick. They both launch hard and seem to stay very even throughout the race but the RS4 uses its extra power to just nudge ahead, running the quarter in 12.1 seconds, while the RS3 did it in 12.2. The reason both cars were so even, despite the RS4 having quite a bit more power, is likely weight. While more powerful, the RS4 is quite a bit heavier too, so the RS3 is able to jump off the line a bit better, thanks to having less weight to throw around.

Carwow then did a rolling drag race, with both cars starting out at 50 mph. There, the Audi RS4 won again but by a larger margin that time. Its extra horsepower really came into play in the rolling drag race, as both cars are already moving so weight isn’t as big a factor.

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Then came the 60-0 mph braking test. Both cars have good brakes, with the RS4’s being a bit bigger and better, but the RS3 is lighter and that really makes a difference when braking. So the little RS3 actually won the braking test but by about three inches, a really small margin of victory.


So the Audi RS4 Avant is the faster car and brakes about as well as the RS3, while also being more comfortable, more luxurious and far more practical. However, the Audi RS3 is significantly cheaper, so it’s the performance bargain of the two, as it can just about keep up with the RS4 for a lot less money.

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