VIDEO: Audi RS3 takes on BMW M2 Competition and Tesla Model 3

The Audi RS3 is one of the best small performance cars on the market. It’s fast, it’s incredibly capable and it’s fun to drive in any sort of weather. Where is struggles is at the track. Despite its brilliant engine and drag strip dominance, there’s just not getting around the fact that it’s a front-heavy, front-bias, all-wheel drive sedan. So its understeer is criminal and it’s just not a very well balanced chassis. So how does it fare against the BMW M2 Competition, one of the best-handling coupes on the market, and the all-new Tesla Model 3 Performance, one of the fastest cars on the market?

In this new episode from Throttle House, we get to see a track battle between all three cars. First up, though, is a drag race between the Tesla and the Audi RS3. The BMW M2 Competition was excluded from the test because it already lost to both cars in independent tests. In a drag race, the Tesla Model 3 Performance flat-out walked away from the Audi RS3. The RS3 is a great drag-strip machine, thanks to its punchy engine and impressive launch control. However, the Tesla’s all-electric acceleration is simply brutal and crushes the Audi’s.

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After that, all three cars were flung around the track to see which is the most fun. The Audi RS3 had by far the most understeer, even with its oddly staggered tire setup. It’s fast and it’s fun but it’s not playful. The Tesla isn’t super playful either, as its slide-ability is more due to software trickery than actually chassis balance and power delivery. Still, it’s a touch more adjustable than the Audi and more explosive out of corners. Though, it’s the BMW M2 Competition that was the most fun car of the three by a huge margin.

Following the playtime, all three cars were given hot laps to see which was fastest. We won’t spoil the results for you, as you should watch the video, but it’s quite shocking to see how they placed. Check it out.

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