VIDEO: Audi RS3 Sedan vs BMW M2

Since the its debut, the Audi RS3 Sedan has been almost endlessly compared to the BMW M2. It makes a bit of sense, as both cars come from Bavaria, are about the same size, both cost about the same and both have around the same level of performance. However, on the road, these two cars are very different machines with unique purposes. But which one is better? Cars.co.za attempts to find out in this new video review.

On a closed stretch of stunning South African roads, they pit these two German brutes against each other. Doing so really shows off their differences in ideology. The Audi RS3 is an all-wheel drive sedan with a 2.5 liter turbocharged I5 engine that makes 400 hp while the BMW M2 is a rear-drive coupe with a 3.0 liter turbo I6 and 365 hp. In this test, the BMW M2 has a manual gearbox and the Audi RS3 Sedan has a dual-clutch.

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Combine that dual-clutch gearbox with all-wheel drive and the extra horsepower and the Audi RS3 is quite a bit quicker than the M2. The sprint from 0-60 mph takes about 3.9 seconds in the RS3 and about 4.2 seconds in the M2. That doesn’t seem like a lot but a .3-second differential is actually quite large. Though, the RS3 is very much a point and shoot sort of car. It isn’t a momentum car, designed to string corners together fluidly. That’s what the BMW M2 is for.

In terms of driving dynamics, Cars.co.za comes to the conclusion that the M2 is the better driver’s car. Its rear-wheel drive setup, manual gearbox and more balanced chassis make it the car of choice on the twisty closed roads they were driving on. Yet, on the drive home and in everyday life, the RS3 is the better all-rounder. Not only is it brutally fast but it’s also comfortable and easy to drive in traffic. So it really just comes down to how you’re going to use the car to determine which is better.

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