VIDEO: Audi RS3 Sedan and RS7 featured in new Holiday Commercial “Parking Lot”

The Holiday season is almost upon us. This is Audi’s marketing team’s favorite time of year, as they love to put out funny and interesting Holiday commercials and advertisements. Despite being a bit early, this new commercial, dubbed “Parking Lot”, is a funny little commercial to kick off the Holiday season and it features an Audi RS3 Sedan and an RS7.

In this new commercial, to dads are pulling into the same parking garage at the same time. On one side of the ticket machine is Dad One in his Audi RS3 Sedan and on the other side is Dad Two in his RS7. They both take their tickets for the garage at the same time and give each other a friendly nod. Until the screen tells them that there’s only one parking spot left on the packed holiday shopping day. So they both race ahead to find the spot.

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At first, it’s just a bit of friendly competition, as Dad Two gets stuck when his RS7 is two wide to move around a woman loading her minivan. The Audi RS3 is slim enough to make it around, so Dad One gets around. They play this game for awhile, trying to find spots as frustrating holiday shoppers get in the way. When Dad Two finds a spot, the RS7 is two wide and his backup camera shows that it’s not even close.

When they both finally reach the roof of the parking garage, they notice a ramp that might launch them to another rooftop with open spots. So they both gun it toward that ramp, ready to launch their cars literally across a rootop. As they scream, anticipating jumping their cars like a Fast & Furious movie, the screen goes black.

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They’re then shown pushing shopping carts through a store when they bump carts and recognize each other. They then see that there’s only one more toy left of the kind they need. So they both look at each other angrily again and race toward it.

It’s a funny commercial that actually features some fun driving with two very cool Audis. Just the thing to get us in the Holiday mood.

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