VIDEO: Audi RS3 Sedan caught testing at the Nurburgring

We just recently saw some footage of the upcoming Audi RS3 Sportback screaming around the Nurburgring in camouflage. Now it’s the turn of the RS3 Sedan, the version we’ll be getting here in the ‘States. So while the Sportback is the car that looks better and the one we want more, it’s the Audi RS3 Sedan we’re personally more interested in because it’s the one we’ll be able to buy.


In this new video, we get to see the RS3 Sedan doing some hot laps at the ‘Ring and it looks good doing it. Sure, it’s wrapped in heavy camouflage but we can still see its basic shape and it’s a handsome looking thing so far. It also sounds great, as we can hear just a bit of that 2.5 liter turbocharged inline-five.

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Speaking of its straight-five, it’s not likely to make much more, if any more at all, than the 400 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque that the current car makes but that’s not such a bad thing. Considering that the current car is still among the most powerful and fastest car in its class, the new one should do just fine.


Standard Audi A3 Sedan

Judging from this video, the new Audi RS3 will have the same sort of handling traits the the current car has. For instance, it seems to have a ton of grip, preceded by a ton of understeer. So you can see the driver turn in and get hit with some initial understeer. Then the all-wheel drive grip kicks in, the RS3 clings to the road and it powers out. Those are characteristics typical of any Audi Sport product, so we’re not really surprised. As long as it feels better to drive than the current car, and is at least a bit of an upgrade, we’ll be happy.

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We don’t know when Audi will officially be revealing the new RS3 but we imagine it will be relatively soon. At least we hope it’s soon. We can’t wait.

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