VIDEO: Audi RS3 crashes violently in Belgium

The first-gen Audi RS3 is a sneakily fast car. Its seemingly harmless hatchback shape belies the power under the hood. Motivating the RS3 to speed is a 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine that made, in the first-gen car, 335 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. While that doesn’t seem like a ton of power, especially by today’s standards, it’s enough to get the little, lightweight RS3 up to dangerous speed quickly. As this driver recently found out.

In this video, the driver, and his passenger, of the Audi RS3 is doing simply irresponsible speed down public roads. According to the video, they hit 200 km/h (124 mph) on a public straight away and they were seemingly unaware of the road ending for a stop sign ahead. So they plow straight through the intersection and into some hedges and frightening speed, roll at least once and sustain heavy damage. The car is a complete wreck afterward.

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However, it seems as if all passengers survived and they can be heard talking, surprisingly calmly, after the crash. The Audi RS3 might be small but it looks to be pretty safe in the event of a really gnarly crash. The airbags seem to have kept the passengers in place during the crash and away from debris. In the photos of the car afterward, it’s also remarkably un-destroyed. Well, it’s completely destroyed but not as badly as we had anticipated after watching the crash from a first-person POV.

This video proves two things. First, don’t drive like a psychopath. We all like to drive fast and enjoy the world’s best performance cars, otherwise we wouldn’t be reading and talking about cars such as the RS3. But it must be done within reason and as safely as possible. Doing 200 km/h on a public road, not an unrestricted highway, is just stupid. Second, it proves how safe the Audi RS3 is, despite being a tiny hatchback. If there’s a silver lining, that’s it.

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