VIDEO: Audi RS Q8 vs BMW X5 M vs Mercedes-AMG GLE63

Big brutish SUVs are entirely useless, completely unnecessary and shockingly popular. Despite how much enthusiasts loath such cars, customers love them, which is why car companies make them. So now, in an age when efficiency is of the utmost importance, we have an almost endless selection of V8-powered, gas-guzzling SUVs. In this new video from Throttle House, we get to see three of the most common go head-to-head-to-head: the Audi RS Q8, BMW X5 M and Mercedes-AMG GLE63.


These three mammoth performance SUVs are going to be the three most popular over the next few years, as they come from the three big German brands. They’re also all made from quite similar recipes.

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For instance, all three cars are built off of mid-size luxury SUVs, all three have 4.0-ish liter twin-turbocharged V8s and all three have automatic gearboxes and all-wheel drive. However, they each tweak that recipe slightly differently. So which one is best?


The AMG is a bit too manic, always wanted to tear your face off. Its V8 is the most charismatic of the bunch and but its transmission tuning is far too aggressive.. Whereas the BMW X5 M Competition is sportiest of the bunch and almost overly so. Its steering is too twitchy at high speed and its engine sounds a bit flat.

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That leaves the Audi RS Q8. Its engine lags a bit at low rpm, though that seems to be an Audi thing in general as of late. Despite that, though, the Audi RS Q8 charms the hosts of Throttle House with its smooth ride and calm demeanor wen you want it but crazed and high-strung when you need it. So as good oas the other two cars are, it seems that the Audi RS Q8 is actually the best performance SUV in the segment.


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