VIDEO: Audi Releases #DriveProgress Super Bowl Commercial

Last year, Audi debuted what still might be the best car commercial of all time for the Super Bowl, called Starman. It was a touching and awesome commercial about a retired astronaut that needed some excitement in his life so his son let him drive an Audi R8. Plus, it had a tribute to David Bowie, by playing his “Starman” in the background. Fan

This year, Audi is going a bit more political, which might be fitting, considering current events. However, it’s odd to see Audi go political on what is probably the most watched television event in America. Either way, it’s a great new commercial that’s powerful and important.

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The ad starts out with a father at his daughter to her downhill cart race as he narrates his fears about his daughter’s worth being measured by her gender throughout her life. The daughter then proceeds to fearlessly dispatch every other boy cart racer in exciting fashion. There’s even a handbrake maneuver to avoid another racer’s attempted collision. She’s like James Hunt at the end of “Rush”. It’s pretty cool.

After she wins the race, her excited father congratulates her and they walk back to their car. What excites me, as a selfish car enthusiast, is the fact that they walk back to an Audi A5 Sportback, which is the first indication of it in America. Then, text falls on the screen, saying “Audi of America is committed to equal pay for equal work”, followed by “Progress is for everyone”. While it isn’t as awesome as last year’s “Starman”, it’s more important and still a great commercial.

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