VIDEO: Audi R8 V10 — Great First Supercar?

Everyone’s seen those used car ads for a simple, everyday driver that’s given the “Would make a great first car!” treatment. However, something like that might actually make sense for the Audi R8 V10. Instead of being a great first car, though, the R8 makes for a great first supercar. At least that’s what Carfection says.

In this new video from Carfection, Henry Catchpole flogs the Audi R8 V10 and we get to hear a ton of that glorious V10 engine noise. However, despite all of the rage and fury that comes from the new R8’s massive exhausts, it’s actually quite civilized to drive, quite simple. Plus, its Quattro all-wheel drive makes the Audi R8 easy to use even in bad weather.

That’s long been one of the few criticisms of the R8. Despite being blindingly fast and highly capable, it’s always felt a bit too easy. But as Catchpole notes, that makes it feel approachable. If you aren’t a supercar veteran and have never owned one before, that ease of use can feel quite comforting, rather than boring. Sure, a power-sliding Ferrari is great to watch while Chris Harris is driving it and a McLaren 720S looks like a scalpel when The Stig is at the wheel. But those aren’t realistic examples of supercar ownership. So the idea of owning a supercar that has all of the desirability of one — noise, speed and style — without any of the fear can seem very attractive to the first-time supercar buyer.

It also still sounds fantastic and its engine is brilliant to use. So it’s not as if it lacks excitement. The Audi R8 might not be the most thrilling or engaging driver’s machine but it’s still a helluva good time and that’s really all a supercar is supposed to be, right?

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