VIDEO: Audi R8 Facelift caught testing with new exhaust

We know that this is the last generation of Audi R8, with the brand planning on killing it off after 2020. However, its inevitable demise hasn’t stopped Audi from giving it a facelift and one is on the way. That’s not all that surprising, though, as every Audi gets a facelift halfway through its life cycle. What is surprising, though, is that it might be getting a new engine. Thanks to some spy photos of a facelifted R8, we see that there are going to be some interesting changes on the way. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

At the front we notice that this Audi R8 sports a new front fascia, if only slightly. That’s pretty typical, though, as it is called a facelift after all. So a slightly new mug and a slightly new rear end are sort of obligatory facelift additions. What gets interesting is the new exhausts.

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This new second-gen Audi R8 has had, since its inception, quad rectangular exhaust tips. This facelifted model now has dual exhausts but they’re massive ovals. Now this could signal one of two things; it could mean that there’s a different engine sitting in the middle of this R8 or that Audi is trying to give all Audi Sport models common exhausts. The latter is more likely, as all Audi Sport models except for the R8 sport twin oval exhausts. And with Audi Sport trying to become recognized as much as BMW M and Mercedes-AMG, it’s likely that some continuity in design is now wanted.

Having said that, there have been rumors of an entry-level Audi R8 with a 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6, the very same engine as the Audi RS5. While Audi sort of squashed those rumors, they came back up again recently. So there’s a possibility that the new exhausts are there for the new engine. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, though.

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According to Motor1, there’s also the possibility that this could be the Audi R8 GT, which would use the same 5.2 liter naturally-aspirated V10 as the current car but make a whopping 640 hp and be considerably lighter. If it’s either the entry level car or the GT, we’re damn excited.

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