VIDEO: Audi R8 Advertisement makes Carfection Top 8

We all love a good car commercial or advertisement. You know the type, where a gorgeous sports car is depicted in a sporty manner that makes you want to check the internet for shady black-market organ buyers just so you can get one. Some car commercials can even strike an emotional chord as well, such as the recent Audi R8 commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. The Audi R8 seems to always have good adverts, and one of them for the first-gen R8 is listed as one of Carfection’s eight favorites of all time.

So three of the guys from they YouTube show got together in a tiny theater to check out the car ads that they thought were the best, while eating popcorn and “crisps”. Some of the ads are funny and silly, such as the Austin Metro ad that even comes off as a bit racist. But it was the ’80s, so it’s fine. Well, one of the original advertisements for the original Audi R8 comes in right after the Metro ad and it’s a very good one indeed.

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One of the three Carfection members tells the other two to quiet down, because this advert has great sound. So what do they do? Crunch their Doritos bags even louder and exchange chips. It’s funny, but it does cut into what we get to hear from the R8. The ad depicts an Audi R8 on a dyno with its rear body work taken off to expose the mid-mounted V8 engine underneath. The 4.2 liter V8 in the first-gen Audi R8 is an absolute gem and one of our favorite engines, largely because of the noise that it makes. It sounds angry and grumbly at low revs and glorious and raspy at redline. This is the kind of ad that sells cars.

While the Carfection team goes on to pick other favorites, which are in no particular order, we could have stopped there and listened to that V8 all day. I also have a craving for Doritos now.

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