VIDEO: Audi Quattro challenges the steepest public street

Apparently, the steepest public street in the world lies in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and has been a pretty popular street for quite some time. There used to be many events held on it, with people attempting to ride bicycles up it and run up it, with many people failing. The street has a whopping 37 degree angle on it, which is incredibly steep. We’re talking ski-hill territory. So Audi decided that it would be fun to test its Quattro system on it, naturally.

2016 Audi A4

Audi took the new A4 to this street in Pittsburg to test out the new Quattro system in a variety of different conditions, namely snow. It’s impressive to see how effortless the A4 is at getting up this insanely steep hill in snow, all while carrying four people. When they get to the top, three of the people get out of the car and they just so happen to be a biker, skier and a snowboarder. Those three action sports athletes race the A4 back down the hill. Obviously, the A4 is faster down the hill than the three others, because it’s a car…with an engine.

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The video is pretty cool, though, and is interesting to see the A4 tackle such a steep hill in the snow. Audi’s Quattro system is incredible at managing torque and traction, allowing this A4 to easily make it up a hill that would render nearly every other vehicle obsolete.

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