VIDEO: Audi Q8 Unleashed Episodes Four and Five

Okay, so these last two episodes of Audi’s #Q8Unleashed short film series are basically useless now that the Q8 has been revealed. However, if you’ve started watching the series and would like to know how it ends, then give them a watch. Or don’t because they’re really campy. Though, they do allow us to check out the new Audi Q8 in action.

The fourth episodes starts off right where the third left off. So Quentin is driving the Q8 he found in the back of the promiscuous trucker’s trailer. He drives it through the desert and into his home city, all while showing off some of the Q8’s interior technology, such as its wireless mobile phone charging. Clever, Audi. During his drive, he gets a video message of Sandra tied up and begging for help. So he rushes home.

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Once home, he slowly walks up the stairs with a fire extinguisher in hand, so as to protect himself from baddies. Once inside, he sees nothing but a model train set going around in circles on the floor. On one of the train cars, there’s an envelope. He opens it and seems confused by its contents, just before the police arrive. It ends there. Okay, so some action driving scenes and some mystery. Not too shabby, right? Wait until the final episode.

It starts off with Quentin in police interrogation, as the cops think he did something to Sandra. He tries explaining it all to the cop but he’s not buying it. So they go out to his Audi Q8, which would normally be covered in sand and dirt had he been driving through the desert. Except they find it squeaky clean. Quentin is naturally confused but they proceed to open the trunk, where he claims he was stuffed after being kidnapped.

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When they open the trunk, they find Sandra all tied up. She then opens her eyes and they all have a big laugh because it was all just an anniversary prank by her. Quentin immediately realizes what it is and laughs with everyone, rather than being upset about being kidnapped and being made to believe that his girlfriend was in real danger.

Then, we see the two driving the Q8 and exchanging the cheesiest banter back and forth. It’s such a bad ending to a series that had potential. We love Audi and we like the new Audi Q8. But this series was really not good. Sorry, Audi. If you want to know how to do car-based short films, check out BMW’s from the ’90s and early ’00s.

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