VIDEO: Audi Q8 Unleashed Episode 3 — Unleash the Gentleman

As part of Audi’s new episodic series of short films, marketing the release of the upcoming Audi Q8, dubbed #Q8Unleashed, the third episode has just been released, titled “Unleash the Gentlemen”.

At the end of the second episode, Quentin, our main character, found himself walking through the desert, only to find a road and was able to stop a trucker passing by. When he approached the driver’s door, a woman opened the door with a shotgun aimed at his face. That’s how it ended.

This third episode starts with Quentin in the passenger seat of the truck, proving that the trucker’s shotgun was just a precaution. As they drive along, he asks to use her cell phone to call Sandra, his girlfriend, but she doesn’t hear his call because she’s swimming. Which is kind of odd because he’s been missing for some time now and rather than try and find him, she’s doing the breaststroke in her luxurious pool. I guess we all have our means of grieving.

When Sandra doesn’t answer, Quentin is naturally a bit upset and the trucker notices. She stops the truck and begins to come on to him, sitting on his lap and, before going in for a kiss, telling him that she’s going to show him something. However, he asks to see what she’s carrying in her trailer instead. So she takes him out to the trailer and opens it up. What’s inside shocks both him and the audience.

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So far, this new series of films for the Audi Q8 has our interest. It’s a bit corny and it’s not as good as BMW’s Clive Owen-starred short films but we’re glad Audi is doing it. These sorts of campaigns are fun and interesting and they offer great intrigue for the car they’re promoting. We can’t wait to see the Audi Q8, either, which will debut this summer.

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