VIDEO: Audi Q8 Unleashed Episode 2 — Unleash the Brave

Audi just recently launched a new series of short films, as part of a marketing campaign for the Audi Q8, called #Q8Unleashed. The first episode aired a few days ago, called “Unleash the Tough”, which showed a man kidnapped and stranded in the middle of the desert. For its second episode of the series, dubbed “Unleash the Brave” our unnamed main character now must find his way home.

The episode starts off with his girlfriend remembering a time when they went bungee jumping off of a bridge, only to cut to her frying an egg. She’s completely unaware of his whereabouts (or is she?) and wondering where he could be, after he mysteriously disappeared while she was showering in the previous episode. Last she heard from him was when his phone died during their call while he was stranded in the desert.

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We then see our main character walking through the desert, hoping to find anything or anyone. He picks up some desert gravel and crushes it between his fingers, which somehow reminds him of how he ended up stranded. Apparently, he was taken in the back of a gold Audi Q8, with a black bag over his head, and left in the desert. What we don’t know is why.

On his walk, he’s able to find a road and, to his fortune, a massive semi-trailer truck just so happened to be driving by. He steps in front of it and it stops just in time. As he walks over to the driver’s door, presumably to ask for a ride and where the hell he is, the driver opens the door and pulls a shotgun on him. Alright, then.

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We’re happy that Audi is making this series of short films, as it’s always cool to see car companies running campaigns like this. It’s a bit dramatic and corny for an Audi Q8 ad campaign, but it’s still cool. Only time will tell if it’s as cool as BMW’s series of short films from the early ’00s.

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