VIDEO: Audi Q8 Unleashed Episode 1 — Unleash the Tough

Audi recently revealed that it would be creating a multi-part miniseries called “Q8 Unleashed” which would, ultimately, tease the launch of the upcoming Audi Q8. It’s similar to the old-school BMW Films series’ except this is to market a specific car and is one continuous series. The first episode has just been released and it’s called “Unleash the Tough”.

The episode starts off with a man waking up on the ground, which is basically just dirt, wearing a suit sans jacket. He realizes he’s in some sort of shed and it’s dark inside. However, his cell phone is ringing and he picks it up and, remarkably, has enough cell signal to facetime his girlfriend without any lag. She asks him where he is and what happened to him but he doesn’t know. She asks how he couldn’t know.

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He flashes back and remembers the two of them driving, presumably in the Audi Q8, both of them dressed sharply, which explains the suit. He remembers them going back to an apartment or hotel room, a provocative shower scene with her and him opening champagne. However, before they could enjoy their shower champagne, some masked men break in, give him a good roughing and kidnap him. So that explains what happened to him but he doesn’t know why and still doesn’t know where he is.

Then his phone dies. Because of course it does. So he gets up and leaves the shed he’s in only to find that he’s in the middle of a desert, completely alone, without another soul for miles. Then it ends.

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So we know he was kidnapped and we know whoever did this left his girlfriend and took him to a remote location in the desert, only to leave him in what seems to be an old tool shed. Why did they do this? What does any of this have to do with the Audi Q8 and how will it be worked into the episode? We assume we’ll find out in the upcoming episodes.

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