VIDEO: Audi Q8 takes on Range Rover Sport in new Carwow test

Sporty-ish SUVs are getting incredibly (annoyingly) popular. They don’t really make any sense because their extra “sportiness” makes them worse at being SUVs and being an SUV makes the bad at being sports cars. So they’re ‘tweeners that never seem to have anything they’re particularly good at. They’re usually quite stylish, though. One of the most famous sporty SUVs is the Range Rover Sport, which is also probably the most popular. A newcomer to the segment, though, is the Audi Q8. So which one is better? Carwow finds out.

In this new video, we take a look at which stylish/sporty SUV is better in a series of different tests. First, it’s the styling. The Audi Q8 looks aggressive and is very modern looking; certainly the head-turner of the two. However, the Range Rover Sport is the better looking car. It’s just a fantastic looking SUV that manages to be both traditional and modern somehow. However, it’s not very sporty looking, is it? Odd when “Sport” is in its name.

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On the inside, the Audi Q8 is the better car. Its interior is more high-tech, nicer to look at, better built and more practical. It has a better back seat as well. Though, the ‘Rover does have it beat for trunk space by far, thanks to its boxier shape.

In terms of how they drive, the Range Rover Sport is very much a Range Rover. So despite the fact that it has “Sport” in its name, it’s very much a truck. You sit very high, with a commanding view of the road, it rides softly and it rolls through corners. It’s not a sporty vehicle by any means.

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While the Audi Q8 is very much the sportier car of the two. You sit lower, more cocooned in its seat, and it has sportier handling and sharper steering. However, it’s also more comfortable. Both cars have softly sprung air suspension but the Q8’s seems to iron out small bumps a bit better than the Range. Both cars are supremely comfortable most of the time.

In the end, the Audi Q8 wins the test for being better at more things. Plus, it’s actually sporty enough to justify its looks. Though, it must be said that if you want to use your stylish SUV to go anywhere near off-road, the Range Rover Sport is clearly the better option. For all other situations, though, go with the Audi.

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