VIDEO: Audi Q8 reviewed by Carwow

We’ve already read and seen several reviews of the new Audi Q8, the brand’s newest flagship SUV. But Carwow’s reviews are always more thorough than most, so it’s always good to watch them, as they give more in-depth information than the average review. So let’s check Carwow’s latest Q8 review.

From the outside, the Audi Q8 is the most stylish SUV the brand has but it’s by no means beautiful. It’s exciting and muscular looking but there are some very weird design elements, such as the new grille which Carwow’s Mat Watson equates to a dentist’s cheek retractor. He’s not wrong. Still, it’s an interesting looking car with elements of the original Audi Quattro, muscular fenders and cool dancing lights. So it’s not all bad.

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On the inside, it’s also very nice. The front cabin is filled with rich materials and very slick technology. Some of that tech can be a bit annoying to use while driving, such as the new Touch Response MMI system and the touchscreen climate controls but their functionality is impressive and Audi’s new Virtual Cockpit is as brilliant as always. What really surprised us about the interior was its rear seat space. There’s a ton back there, which is shocking for an SUV with such an aggressively raked roofline. But there’s a lot of space for rear passengers, in terms of both knee and headroom. There’s even good room for three adults.

In terms of the way it rides and drives, the looks of the Audi Q8 belie its handling characteristics. While it looks sporty and muscular, it’s no sports car. That isn’t to say that it isn’t capable or fun to drive, relatively, but that it’s still more geared toward comfort and luxury. The ride is smooth and soft and the steering is light and easy to use. Still, its front end is sharp, there’s a ton of grip and it is more athletic than one might expect of such a large SUV. So while it’s not some sort of bonafide sports SUV, it’s sportier to drive than the Q7.

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In the end, Watson recommends “Shortlisting” the Audi Q8, as it’s a very good car and one that looks more interesting than the Q7 but it’s a bit more money for less space. So you’ll have to way your practicality needs versus your styling needs.

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