VIDEO: Audi Q8 Five Episode Miniseries teased in new video

One of my favorite all time promotional campaigns for a car company was BMW Films. Back in the late ’90s/early ’00s, BMW made a series of short films with Clive Owen as an unnamed driver that got into worlds of trouble and adventure in different BMWs. Just recently, BMW released a new short film, called The Escape, with Owen reprising his character. Now, it seems as if Audi is launching a short film series of its own. Instead of having different cars in each film, though, this will be a five-episode series of short films surrounding the launch of the Audi Q8, dubbed Q8 Unleashed.

The synopsis of this five-episode Audi Q8 films series is as follows: “Sandra and Quentin, an extravagant power couple from the Golden State, had it all. Successful careers, a design loft, an influential circle of friends and the perfect car to match it all.

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But in a split second everything is about to change. Unleash five gripping episodes and be rewarded with a first glance at the most thrilling Audi SUV of all times.”

Audi has released a pre-teaser video for this Q8 Unleashed miniseries and it teases a thriller of sorts. There seems to be action, some romance and, of course, some exciting driving from the Audi Q8. We’re really excited for this, simply because we’re big fans of BMW Films and really like when car companies run promotional campaigns like this. It’s going to build some excitement around the upcoming Audi Q8 and it shows that Audi is trying to make the Q8 seem like a more exciting, emotional SUV than all of the others.

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If you want to follow this upcoming series of short films, subscribe to the Audi Media TV YouTube Channel. The first of these films will debut on May 21.

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