VIDEO: Audi Q8 featured on Auditography

At the moment, the biggest buzzing Audi is the Q8, the brand’s new flagship SUV. With its imposing size, ultra-premium luxury and technology and sporty looks, the Audi Q8 is a hard car to ignore. Some may not like its styling… well, actually a lot of people don’t like its styling, but it looks pretty damn good here.

In this new video from Auditography, we take a look at the Audi A8 in the Atacama Desert, in Chile, where Audi launched the car to the press. While we recently saw Carwow’s Mat Watson test the Q8 there, this new video only shows off its styling.

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As per usual with Auditography, the cinematography is beautiful, showing off the Q8 in a dry, rugged and desolate environment. The juxtaposition of the Q8 in the Atacama is also interesting, as the Audi Q8 is an incredibly expensive car designed to sit at the top of the brand’s already expensive model range. Yet, in this video, it’s driving through the middle of the desert in Chile, without a drop of water in sight. It’s just fun to see such a posh SUV in such a harsh and rugged environment.

In this video, we see three different colors of the Q8; Glacier White Metallic, Daytona Grey Pearl Effect and Dragon Orange Metallic. We’ve already seen enough of Dragon Orange, as it’s the color that Audi launched the car in. Though, we really like it in Daytona Grey. Normally, we’re not big fans of dark greys, as they seem a bit derivative and are a bit boring. But, with the black trim package, the Audi Q8 looks properly menacing in Daytona. It looks good in white, too.

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The interior of the Q8 is stunning as well. It borrows heavily from the new Audi A8 but that’s no bad thing. So it gets the brand’s newest touchscreen-based MMI system and the latest generation of Virtual Cockpit. It looks very high-tech, very slick and very modern.

We can’t wait to drive the new Audi Q8 but it will be awhile before we can. For now, we’re just going to have to rely on videos like this to satisfy our appetites.

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