VIDEO: Audi Q8 driven by Carfection — A More Honest Coupe SUV

A lot of premium, coupe-like SUVs seem to advertise their abilities to go off-road or be as rugged as an F-150. But, in reality, they’re as rugged as a flower. The Audi Q8, though, gives no pretense of ruggedness. It’s an honest SUV that fully admits its purpose — it’s a sporty, fun and stylish SUV for someone who wants space but would prefer style and on-road dynamics over any rugged behavior. At least that’s what Carfection says.

In this new video, Cafection takes the Audi Q8 out on road and gives it a comprehensive review. Before we get into what was said in the review, can we just talk about how good looking the Q8 is in this video? When I first saw the press photos of the Audi Q8, in that coppery orange, I really wasn’t sold. However, in this dark blue and spec’d with the right packages, it looks quite fantastic, actually.

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The Audi Q8 seems to be a good SUV, though, according to Carfection. It sports handsome looks, a very upscale interior, sporty driving dynamics and some really impressive technology. As for the latter part, Carfection’s Drew Stearne calls its surround-view camera witchcraft and it’s not heard to see why. It gives the Q8 a complete 360-degree view of it and its surroundings. We’ve used systems like this in modern BMWs but this new system from Audi is even more impressive. The driver can maneuver the “camera” in any direction around the car, even vertically, as if a real-time camera crew is surrounding the car.

But it’s not all tech and styling with no substance. It handles well, feeling smaller and lighter than it is, and it’s nice to drive. The suspension is a bit too firm but that’s sort of the nature of sporty coupe-like SUVs. If you want something squishier, go for a Q7.

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Overall, it seems like the Audi Q8 is a really good, stylish SUV that’s refreshingly honest about what it is.

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