VIDEO: Audi Q8 Concept teased ahead of Detroit debut

This Sunday will kick off the first day of the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. At the Audi booth, there will be some very big news, specifically one big debut, from the Ingolstadt-based brand. The Audi Q8 Concept will finally grace us on the floor, under the big lights in Detroit. But just ahead of that, Audi has teased the Q8 in a new teaser video showing off its impressive tech.

First, we get a glimpse of a chip spoiler with the word “e-tron” written on it. This signifies that the Q8 will indeed be at least some sort of plug-in hybrid or maybe even a full-EV model. Then we get a look down the side of the doors and see the word “Quattro” in the aluminum trim. Is Audi hinting that this is the e-tron Quattro Concept in more production-ready form?

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Next, we see an impressive headlight that seems to be able to, very fluidly, move its light back and forth before becoming fully bright. Then Audi shows off its OLED taillights, lighting up in sequence. But we all knew it was going to have impressive lighting, it is an Audi after all. What’s new is what we see after that, which is someone pressing an Audi logo on the B-pillar which pops the door open. Is it a touch sensitive button, does it have fingerprint-recognition capabilities? After the driver pops open the door with his thumb, he presses the starter button on the steering wheel, a la Audi R8, but that also seems to be a touch button. Are we going keyless and just using fingerprints now? What’s going on here? Once the starter button is pressed, the Virtual Cockpit lights up with the words “Q8 Concept”.

We’re excited to see what Audi is teasing with this video on Sunday.

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