VIDEO: Audi Q8 blind tasting teased

Last year, ahead of the release of the new Audi A8, the folks in Ingolstadt held a “Blind Taste Testing” for it, by putting journalists in and around the car while blindfolded, leaving them to feel the car without seeing it. It was a bit odd of an event but it got a lot of attention online and that pretty much the point. Now, it seems as if journalists are going to get another blind taste except this time of the new Audi Q8.

In this new teaser video from Audi, technicians place glow-in-the-dark tape on the new Q8 in very specific places, so as to reveal just some of the character lines without showing off the whole car. It looks pretty cool, as the Audi Q8 sits in the dark with just some glowing tape to hint at its upcoming design.

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From the green-glowing tape, we can see that the new Q8 will have very similar design language to the Audi e-tron SUV. It will be aggressive and muscular, with flared rear wheel arches and a fat C-pillar. Audi claims that this is down to evoke the spirit of the original Audi Quattro and it works because it does have some similarities to that fire-spitting rally car. Though, don’t expect the Audi Q8 to have any of the Quattro’s attitude, as it will be far more luxurious. The Q8 will sit atop Audi’s SUV lineup as the brand’s flagship. Sure, the Audi Q8 will be sportier and more fun to drive than its Q7 counterpart but it will still be very premium and luxurious.

We don’t know when this blind tasting of the Audi Q8 will occur but we do know that it will be interesting to see. More importantly, though, we’re incredibly excited to see what the Q8 actually turns out to be. Stay tuned.

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