VIDEO: Audi Q7 vs Volvo XC90 vs Land Rover Discovery

When this new second-gen Audi Q7 first debuted, it was sort of the king of the castle, in the luxury SUV segment. It was better than the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLS-Class, its German competition. But the Volvo XC90 hadn’t been released yet and neither was the Land Rover Discovery. Now, though, both of the latter cars are on the road and both are seriously good cars. So how does the Audi Q7 handle its newest competitors? Carwow finds out in this new video.

In terms of styling and design, the Q7 is unfortunately the worst. It looks like a bloated wagon rather than a proper SUV, especially compared to the other two. The Land Rover Discovery, despite being Quasimodo-ish, looks great and like a proper Land Rover. But the Volvo XC90 looks the absolute business, being far better looking than the other two. There isn’t a bad line, angle or shape on it.

On the inside, things are a bit more mixed up. While being the prettiest on the outside, the Volvo lacks a bit on the inside. Not in terms of design, as it’s very nice to look at, but its infotainment system is the most difficult to use and the quality, while good, is lacking compared to the other two. Inside the Land Rover, everything is of very high quality. It’s more luxurious than the Volvo, has a better infotainment system and quieter as well. But it’s the Audi Q7 that wins on the inside. Its cabin is just lovely, with the highest quality materials, the best tech and the coolest design. While the Audi is the ugliest on the outside, it’s the absolute best on the inside. And we all know, it’s what’s inside that matters.

SUVs are just as much about practicality and interior space as they are design and luxury. In terms of rear seat and cargo space, these three cars trade blows. The Land Rover has the best third row, with enough space back there for two adults easily. But its second row is kind of small for such a big SUV. The back of the Volvo is probably the best overall, with good second and third row seating. Plus, the Swede has some cool features, like the child booster seat for the second row middle seat. As for the Audi, its second row is by far the best, with the most space and independently adjustable seats. But its third row is the worst, only being suitable for small children.¬†Cargo space is good in all three. It’s the best in the Land Rover, thanks to its square shape, but all three can fit an enormous amount of kit.

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Some buyers of these cars actually care about how they drive. In this regard, all three of these cars are very different. The Land Rover Discovery is a typical Land Rover. The suspension is very soft and its cabin is isolated and quiet. It’s lovely as a luxury car. However, it’s sloppy in corners and doesn’t like to be driven hard. Volvos have always been inherently lovely to drive and the XC90 is no different. But it’s just a bit loud inside and the ride is a bit firm. It’s the Audi Q7 that’s the best to drive. It’s steering is the best, it’s handling is Audi A6-good and its engine is the best. It’s also quiet on the inside and has a luxurious ride.

In the end, Mat Watson from Carwow claims the Audi Q7 to be the best of the three. It’s the best to drive by far, has the best interior, second row and technology. In fact, Watson goes as far as to say it’s one of the best cars on sale today.

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