VIDEO: Audi Q7 vs BMW X5 vs VW Touareg vs Mercedes-Benz GLE — Carwow Test

Despite being the oldest car in its segment, the Audi Q7 is still alive and kicking. Just a year ago, we tested the Q7 and found that it was still a superb all-around premium SUV, one that’s still among the best in its class. However, since then, a few new competitors have joined the segment and they might be too tough for the old Audi to take one without a refresh. So can the Q7 still hang with the best of them? Carwow recently found out.

In this new four-way comparison test from Carwow’s Mat Watson, we see the Audi Q7 take on the all-new BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class and Volkswagen Touareg. All three competitors have debuted within the past year or so, making them all much, much newer than the Audi. So how does it do against these newcomers?

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Surprisingly, it holds its own quite well. Its back seat is still considered the best, as is its as-standard third row, which is better than the optional third rows of the other cars. Its interior as a whole is still very nice and very well built, though it is showing its age. It’s even still very nice to drive, with the most relaxing ride of the bunch and semi-sporty handling. Though, despite all of its surprising capabilities, it’s not able to win the test. It gets close, though.

The BMW X5 takes the win, with the Audi Q7 coming in second, ahead of the Mercedes and then the Volkswagen. To be honest, that’s a moral victory for the Audi, as it was able to beat two much newer competitors with newer styling and technology. The only car it couldn’t take down was the BMW X5, which we’ve tested and is genuinely the best car in the segment. So the Audi Q7 is still an awesome car, despite being by far the oldest in its class.

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