Video: Audi Q7 trailer – Greatness starts when you don’t stop

Audi’s been getting heavy-handed with the trailers lately. It seems as if each week there’s a new trailer for a different car. I guess marketing is important to the German brand, as it is trying to gain a bigger audience than BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Most recently was the trailer for the upcoming B9 Audi A4, but now there’s a new one for the new Audi Q7, called Greatness starts when you don’t stop.

The title is a bit cheesy and sounds a bit like the slogan for a Gatorade ad in which Lebron James dunks 237 basketballs with one hand tied behind his back. But the trailer is good, nonetheless. In it, Audi does depict athletes of all kinds doing their thing. Track runners are running, mountain climbers climbing. That sort of thing. Cut in between¬†those shots are shots of the new Audi Q7 ripping through dirt desert roads and tight switchbacks in a surprisingly impressive manner. It’s probably just a bit of movie magic, but it’s surprising how well the big Q7 moves on dirt.

Second-gen Audi Q7-6

Basically, the whole point of the ad is to show that the Audi Q7 is tough and it won’t stop, regardless of how difficult any situation might be, just like the athletes. It’s a bit of a stretch, as the most difficult situation any Q7 might face is a bit of snow dust during a trip to the mall. But, nonetheless, the ad works well enough to get you excited about it. It sure made me want to drive one, thought I wanted to do that already. The new Audi Q7 is a great car and actually pretty good off-road, maybe not one that won’t stop regardless of the situation, but a genuinely good car. If you’re in the market for a Q7, watch the ad and you’ll want to buy one even more.

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