VIDEO: Audi Q5 vs Jaguar F-Pace vs Mercedes-AMG GLC43

When Audi came out with its second-generation Q5, we all knew it would sell like crazy. The first-gen was a sales monster and this new car is shaping up to be the same. So it doesn’t really need to win comparison tests to gain customers. Yet, in this new comparison test from Carwow, the new Audi Q5¬†goes up against the Jaguar F-Pace and the Mercedes-AMG GLC43 to see which is best.

Those other to cars are superb new entries to the segment. The Jaguar F-Pace just won the overall World Car of the Year award and the Mercedes GLC-Class is one of the most popular cars in the segment already. However, according to Mat Watson of Carwow, the Audi Q5 is still better than both.

In terms of looks, the Mercedes is the most premium looking and the Jag is the most exciting looking while the Audi Q5 is just fine looking. The Audi isn’t very pretty or very exciting but its crisp and neat all the way around. It’s not the worst looking car here but it’s not the best, either.

It’s on the inside where the Q5 makes up ground, though. The cabin of the AMG is very nice and looks very cool but some of its materials are suspect and its tech is a bit low-rent compared to Audi’s new stuff. If it’s a sporty cabin you want, go with the Jag. The F-Pace’s interior feels more like that of a sports car than a crossover. With a low driving position and sporty design, the F-Pace feels more like a large sport sedan than anything else. Though, it’s materials are far behind that of the Q5. The Audi’s interior is far superior, in terms of both quality and technology, than either of the other two.

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That same sentiment continues throughout the cabin. In the back seat, the Q5 has the most space and is the only one of the three with three-way folding rear seats. It also has a ton of cargo space with a wide opening, though it does have a bit of a load lip. The Jaguar F-Pace as the most outright room, though, making it the best for moving larger items. The Mercedes-AMG had the least amount of space, but not by much, and no load lift.

When it comes to how they drive, though, things get interesting. The Jag F-Pace is by far the most dynamic and exciting of the three. Its steering is sharp and precise and its suspension is firm, allowing it to drive more like a sports sedan than crossover. However, that same firm suspension makes it slightly uncomfortable for normal driving. The Mercedes-AMG GLC43, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. It’s comfortable and smooth but lacks in the fun department. While it’s the fastest of the bunch, it’s also the AMG 43 variant, which is a performance version, the other two cars just have sensible diesels. But it’s the Audi Q5 that splits the difference, being more comfortable than the Jag but more fun than the AMG.

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In the end, Watson claims the Audi Q5 is the best car of the three. It looks good, has a great cabin, the best interior and the best overall driving car of the three.

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